Whether you work in an office setting, or a large-scale manufacturing operation, there is something every business and industry can learn from the Alabama Technology Network Lean 101 class.

Lean 101 covers the basic principals of Lean operations – eliminating waste and learning how to work smarter instead of harder. Participating in Lean 101 helps you retrain your pattern of thoughts to step back and look at everything from one simple perspective – are your actions adding value to the product or service your company produces?

Lean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste through continuous improvement. Lean Practices can help you cross-train your workforce to have multi-skilled employees who are always searching for ways to improve your processes through standardizing the work being done.

How could Lean 101 help your business increase its productivity? To learn more contact Keith Phillips, ATN Executive Director, by emailing kphillips@atn.org.