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How can you be better prepared to step right into the workforce skill-ready? Check out the following resources!

Career Ready Alabama is a statewide initiative aimed at increasing career or work-ready skills for individuals and providing businesses a tool to help them identify career ready employees. The program offers access to WorkKeys assessments, WorkKeys job profiles, Alabama Career Readiness Certificates, and online training.

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The Alabama Community College System

The Alabama Community College System’s commitment to access is characterized by statewide geographical locations, open enrollment, and low-cost tuition, as well as a variety of programs and services that remove barriers to college entrance, education pathways, and workforce training opportunities.

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Regional College Resources

Click the links below to connect with the Community Colleges in the Southeast AlabamaWorks region. Visit their sites to find our more information about the programs and services they offer.

To see the Course Catalog for Alabama Aviation College, Click on the ESCC Academic Catalog pg. 137 – 147

ESCC Academic Catalog 2016-2017
LBW Academic Catalog 2016-2017
Wallace Academic Catalog 2016-2017
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Student, Parent and Educator Resources

If you are a student, parent or educator, check out some of the resources that are available to help launch anyone into a job or career.

K-12 Career Coaches
Alabama Career and Technical Education​ (CTE)
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Local and National Scholarship Opportunites
ACT Student Resources
AlabamaWorks! Youth Programs

Career and Technical Education Centers and Information

We consider Alabama’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program to be the foundation for our state’s future. CTE is focused on developing the skills of K-12 students and strives to prepare them for postsecondary learning and workforce opportunities. It also provides them essential leadership skills through participation in student organizations. CTE is learning that works for Alabama.

Alabama Career Planning System

The Alabama Career Planning System provides education and career planning resources to help you build a successful future. Whether you’re searching for higher education or training, exploring career options, or creating a professional portfolio of materials for the job search, the system can provide you with the tools you need.

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Career Readiness Indicators (CRI)

Career Readiness Indicators (CRI) are credentials/certifications made available to all students enrolled in a program where career and technical skill proficiencies are aligned with industry-recognized standards. The credential provides proof that the student possesses the minimum skills required for entry-level employment. CRIs may be recorded on the student’s high school transcript. Testing can occur at the discretion of the LEA Career and Technical Director depending on student readiness and pre-assessments required.

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Career Clusters

Learn about the career clusters available to you right here in your region.

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CTE Cluster Program Guides

This link will provide CTE Cluster Program Guides for each pathway with the Clusters offered by Alabama CTE programs.

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Wiregrass Works

As a project of the Southeast AlabamaWorks Council, Region 6, Wiregrass WORKS is an interactive career Experience for more than  5,000 eighth grade students from Barbour, Bulter, Coffee, Covington, Crenshaw, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston and Pike Counties; as well as counties from southwest Georgia and northwest Florida. Students will participate in fun, educational and hands-on experiences while they learn about the vast career options available here in our local region. The Wiregrass WORKS experience gives students and educators an overview of high-demand, high-wage career opportunities which address the workforce needs in our region and beyond and an Experience for a Lifetime. Some of the industries represented include:


Automotive Technology







Public Service/Military


“Thank you so much for the efforts that you and so many others have put into Wiregrass Works this year. It is one of the best events that I’ve ever attended with my middle school students. I thought it was great last year and even better this time around! There is no doubt that an event like this takes considerable planning and coordination and I want everyone to know that it is most appreciated.

It is my hope that Wiregrass Works will continue to exist and grow.”

Thad Smith, 8th Grade Computer Teacher - Rehobeth Middle School
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Education Success Stories

We plan to bring you many success stories very soon about our students and their education. Developing first-class citizens and world-class employees is a top priority of Southeast AlabamaWorks!