First Eufaula High School student earn Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) License

Angie Dunn, Eufaula High School senior, is the first Eufaula High School student to pass both parts of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam to be licensed.  The exam includes both written and skills portions.  Additionally, to become a CNA, a person must complete 24 hours of on-the-job training. Through Eufaula High School, Angie started an internship at Crowne Health Care in Eufaula in January to complete the required hours.

Angie became interested in healthcare when her grandmother had ovarian cancer; she wants to help people.  Her plans are to become a cardiovascular surgeon.  She will first attend Wallace Community College in Eufaula and then plans to attend University of Alabama in Birmingham.  She also hopes to work at Medical Center Barbour in Eufaula and has already applied there.



Future Firefighters at Eufaula High School

The Eufaula Fire Department, Eufaula High School, and the Alabama Fire College have partnered up to bring the Fire Science Program to the Academy of Government and Public Service at Eufaula High School. The Fire Science Program allows a high school student to complete the training required to certify the student as a volunteer firefighter. Once the student graduates from high school, they can enter into a bridge program, taught by the Eufaula Fire Department, for the additional hours needed to be a career firefighter. Courses will be taught by Eufaula Fire Department instructors at Eufaula High School during normal school hours. The City of Eufaula has graciously agreed to provide instructors. These courses will be a great addition to the EHS Academy of Government and Public Service and to the Eufaula Fire Department as well as the entire community. The program will start at the 10th grade  level, but the actual certification for Firefighter will not begin until the student reaches the 12th grade. The program has other benefits for students interested in joining the military or an industrial field that offers a rescue team within the industry. Chief Greg Holmes of the Eufaula Fire Department stated, “We would like to thank everyone that had a part in making this happen and look forward to expanding our knowledge of the fire service into Eufaula High School for the 2017-2018 school year as well as doing our part to give these students an opportunity for a rewarding career after graduation.”

For questions concerning a career in the fire service, please contact the Fire Chief Greg Holmes at 334-687- 1219. For more information on the Fire Science program, please contact Michele Eller, Eufaula City Schools, at 334-687- 1100.