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Industry Cluster Information

What is an Industry Cluster?

Simply put, industry clusters are regional concentrations of related industries. Clusters consist of companies, suppliers and service providers, as well as government agencies and other institutions that provide education, training, information, research, and support to a regional economy.


Why are Industry Clusters important?

A cluster-based approach allows for industries and assets that are already present in a region and regional stakeholders to pursue initiatives to make those industries better, promote job creation, and support economic growth.


Who needs to be a part of the Cluster?


Plant Managers/HR Directors

Industry Associations

Economic Development and Chambers of Commerce

Career Center Business Service Representatives

Community Colleges (Administrators/Department Representatives/Instructors)

K-12 Representatives (especially Career Tech Directors/Councilors/Career Coaches/Educators)

Youth Organizations

Adult Education

Vocational Rehabilitation Service Providers

Training Providers

Civic Leaders

In order to meet the growing need for businesses to hire and train skilled workers, we are partnering with the regional business and industry leaders to develop Industry Clusters. These clusters put the most influential people in their respective fields together in the same room to discuss ways to provide information on how to properly train and equip potential employees with skills that are prerequisites in being successful within each industry. Our Industry Clusters are an invaluable resource to our region in being sure we are providing opportunities to our citizens that are specific to the jobs and career to our communities.

The success of our workforce model is based on cluster engagement and direction.  Even though our model is industry driven we still have a tremendous engagement with our education partners and service providers who are also engaged at all levels.

We are currently developing several clusters which meet regularly to focus on employment and training needs in the region.  As needs are accessed, the clusters may form a taskforce to work on a particular project or initiative.  If you would like to be involved on the front lines of workforce development then the industry sector clusters is where you need to engage.  For more information on upcoming cluster meetings and to get involved, call us at (334) 792-5138

Distribution Cluster

The Distribution industry in Southeast Alabama is a key industry that is the backbone of the goods-producing sector in our county. These companies are responsible for stocking, handling, and shipping items all over the globe.

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Aviation Cluster

The Aviation industry in Southeast Alabama is a growing and diverse industry that our citizens to work with high-tech parts in a highly skilled hands-on environment.

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HVAC Cluster

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning industry in Southeast Alabama is a very im portant and in-demand career in our region.

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